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Bolim Te Book
Hand-bound book with golden thread. 32 x 32 cm.

Book consists of drawings and pictures combined with tracing paper.


Being intrigued by the Serbian language and writing I started researching the Cyrillic and Latin script. I always struggled with the Cyrillic script since it is so different. 
Writing 'I love you' in both Cyrillic and Latin script I discovered how to manipulate the letters to form a new way of approaching the language. 

I Love You
Volim Te
Волим те

By just changing one letter the whole meaning of 'Volim Te' transforms in to 'Bolim Te' which means as much as 'I hurt you'.
Boli Me - I am hurt, I am in pain. 
Voli Me - Love me

So - Volim Te - I love you - becomes - Bolim Te - I hurt you. 

One can still read 'Bolim Te' as 'I love you', which leads to two different meanings of the same sentence. 
This paradoxical find in the language is a consistent theme in my overall work.

#0 Frontpage - Bolim Te.jpg
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#2 Family portrait.jpg
#4 Liki & opa en oma.jpg
#5 Jovana lijnen.jpg
#7 Jovana Kleur.jpg
#8 Jovana ZwartWit.jpg
#6 pentekening dubbel + modder.jpg
#9 Linda + Moeder zonder wasco.jpg
#9 Linda + Moeder.jpg
#10 Linda + Pa modder.jpg
#12 Moeder dubbel.jpg
#11 Opa servie.jpg
#13 Familieportet Gezin dubbelluik.jpg
#14 Pa Bloem lijntekening met foto.jpg
#15 3 kinderen lijntekening.jpg
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