Always fascinated by the object of a piramide, I started research on the object and I learned that he Egyptians believed the piramide is a gateway to the home in the afterlife. A truly poetic and symbolic way to give meaning to the home, I instantly felt the urge to make it my own, as in my work I am also searching for a home between the dutch and serbian identities I cary. 

Originated from a traditional dish I started making these piramdes. Inside are red pepper skins, roasted an dried. 'Lucene paprike' is one of my favorite dishes but  it originally is made with white/yellow peppers. Since it's hard to find those types of peppers here in the Netherlands, I started making this dish in my own Dutch way with red peppers. 

The red color in the piramides will fade after a while if you put the piramide out in the sun. Again a very symbolic way to show the fading connection with my Serbian roots. Putting the skins in the resin piramides I try to conserve my identity en heritage. 


Edition of 5, each unique. 
Roasted and dried pepper skin, black pigment and resin

15x15x17 cm

Mini Piramides
Edition of 100
Roasted and dried pepper skin, black pigment and resin
6x6x7 cm



paprika velletjes - scan.png