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The pictures seen here are taken from my family albums which I reprinted and then altered. I transform the pictures to hide, but also to show. 
Dealing with 2 identities, there are questions I try to answer through these pictures. I was always the foreign kid growing up, no matter if I was in the Netherlands or in Serbia. 

Taking away faces for instance takes away identity and leaves it open for interpretations. The girl could be happy or sad either way.  

tweeluik 1.jpg
tweeluik 3.jpg
tweeluik 2.jpg

Prijateljice (girlfriends)
Edition:      3, each unique
Material:    Pigment and glitter, pearls, resin on mdf
Size:         21x15x1 cm
Year:         2021

3 cats.jpg

'3 kittens' 
Edition:      1
Material:    Pigment and glitter, resin on mdf
Size:         15x20x1 cm
Year:         2021

roze portret 3.jpg
roze portret.jpg
roze portret 2.jpg

'School portrait of a girl'
Edition:     3, each unique
Material:   Pigment and glitter, resin on mdf
Size:        21x30x1 cm
Year:        2021

child with father.jpg

Child with Father
Edition:      1
Material:    Pigment and glitter, resin on mdf
Size:         30x40x1 cm
Year:         2021

Gouden Poes.jpg

'Chair with Cat' sold
Analog picture with glitter epoxy.
14,7 x 10,1 cm. 2020

Jovana Stulic - Girl with Birthday Cake.

'Girl with Birthday Cake' sold
Analog picture with glue, silver pigment and epoxy.
15 x 10 cm. 2020

Milan Kant 2.jpg

'Little boy and girl at the dinner table'
Analog picture with drawing with glue and silver pigment and epoxy.
14,9 x 10,1 cm. 2020

Joka & Liki.jpg

2 Sisters posing for a portrait sold          
Imprint on paper with glitter epoxy
15,3 x 10,4 cm. 2020

Bruiloft groep.jpg

'Serbian Wedding Family' sold
Analog picture with pearls and epoxy.
14,7 x 10,1 cm. 2020


'Serbian Wedding Couple'

Analog picture with pearls and epoxy.
14,9 x 10,1 cm. 2020

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